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                The cross symbolizes the love of mankind, and the green symbolizes peace and prosperity. APAM is a "medical service provider". It is the purpose of Green Cross Entrepreneurship and the mission of Green Cross.
                Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint venture large pharmaceutical company established in 1991 by Japan Green Cross Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. Established in 1950, Japan Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a leading global innovative pharmaceutical company that develops high-quality blood products and parenteral nutrition infusion products. The headquarters of the Japanese Green Cross is integrated with Mitsubishi and Tanabe Pharmaceuticals. After the company, Mitsubishi Pharmaceuticals ranked 31st in the global pharmaceutical industry in 2014.
                Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in clinical nutrition in China: the first batch of imported compound amino acid infusions imported from Japan by the Japanese Green Cross in 1981, filled the domestic gap; the first domestically produced GMP certificate for the production of amino acids and fat emulsion injections The company; the first company in China to propose the concept of “fourth generation therapeutic amino acids”.

                Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-end parenteral nutrition manufacturer: the company takes the production of safe and effective high-quality medicines as the first element of the enterprise, and establishes an effective and perfect quality assurance system that integrates the characteristics of China and Japan, and strictly organizes production according to GMP requirements to ensure The product is safe and reliable. Introduce advanced production testing equipment and advanced production technology in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan; adopt imported raw and auxiliary packaging materials and strict internal control standards to ensure excellent internal quality and less adverse reactions; and pass ISO14001 environmental management system certification according to international industry standards. .

                Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceuticals currently has 16 approvals for parenteral nutrition preparations, including 7 fat emulsions and 9 amino acids. In addition to supplying domestic products, the products are also exported to 11 countries including Asia and Europe. Lu'an [Compound Amino Acid Injection (18AA)] and Liji [Fat Milk Injection (C14~24)] are well-known domestic brands. Because of their excellent internal quality, they are separately priced by the state; Green Branch [Complex Amino Acid Injection ( 18AA-VII)] is a national new drug, original research product, national standard drafting unit that is introduced in Japan, is a famous trademark, clinically applicable to nutritional treatment of patients with traumatic stress; Puda Shen [complex amino acid injection (17AA-III)], derived from the Japanese patent formula, is a national new drug, exclusive product, and national standard formulator developed for the metabolic characteristics of patients with liver diseases. Puda has a dual therapeutic effect on nutrition and treatment for patients with liver diseases. It is a new type of therapeutic drug; Pushuqing [Compound Amino Acid Injection (18AA-IX)] is the only special product for kidney disease containing 18 kinds of amino acids in China. Patent formula, national new drug, exclusive product, national standard setter. Pushuqing can improve low protein disease and improve quality of life in patients with kidney disease.

                Green Cross's brand has been clinically proven for many years, and its products are fully affirmed in terms of safety, effectiveness and stability. They enjoy a high reputation and reputation in the minds of medical patients. In 2014, the overall market size of China's nutraceuticals was more than 20 billion yuan, of which parenteral nutrition accounted for about 80%, amino acid infusion was about 10 billion, and fat milk was about 80 billion. With the gradual advancement of medical reform, market competition is becoming more and more Intense, market-worthy exclusive products, original research products, and branded products will become inevitable choices in the future. Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “medical service provider” and provides professional, individualized and high-quality parenteral nutrition products for the clinic. We sincerely invite domestic colleagues with strong and far-sighted medical circles to become strategies. Partners, work together to create a better future!

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             Become a leader in domestic drug development
             Domestic Parenteral Nutrition Infusion High-end Product Manufacturer
             Exploit international drug market and promote international cooperation

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